T-Shirt Bags

PRINTED AND UNPRINTED T-SHIRT BAGS are named as grocery store bags, and it is a type most extensively used in many sectors such as retailing, grocery stores, greengrocers, bazaars, shopping malls. 2 or 3 colors are applied on the t-shirt bags. Print is able to be applied by the graphics you wish. It has been a preferred material today due to being polyethylene, semi-transparent, flexible, having high fracture resistance, tensile and rupture strength, and being robust against impacts. It is a carrier packaging type which can be produced at our company. The printed t-shirt grocery store bags with MDPE and HDPE raw material types are appealing to various fields such as shopping malls, bazaars, stores, stationery stores, restaurants, take-away, food sector as grocery stores being in the first place. 
MDPE: T-shirt type bags manufactured of medium density polyethylene
HDPE: T-shirt type bags manufactured of high density polyethylene

T-Shirt Bags - Bil Plastik Ambalaj ve Plastik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
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