Soft Loop Handle Bags

It is among the most extensively used plastic bag models. It has a widespread use in all the lines of work. By applying folding hood to the bottom part of the bag, it may be ensured for the placed product to rest at the bottom of it. The color of the handle may be different than the color of the surface. Same model of bag may be produced with various plastic raw materials, and price advantage may be ensured.

  • White colored shiny F2 – LDPE is being used as material. Please contact for different material options.
  • At nonstandard sizes, values such as width & length & thickness may be changed. In such a case, minimum order amount per size will be 250 kg. Please contact for price and other details.
  • Transportation fee is not included in the price, and in out-of-city sales the product are delivered to the warehouse requested by the customer. Please contact for shipment options.
Advantages of Use of Soft Loop Handle Bags
It has a production for sizes of 20×30 cm / 30×40 cm / 40×50 cm / 50×60. These sizes are standard manufacture sizes, and for soft loop handle bags that you want to be manufactured in different sizes, it is required for you to contact our company’s specialists.
In Soft Loop Handle Bags, different prints on both sides are able to be made. In terms of ads, you can use your company’s logo and visuals of your products on the bag. This bag type is extremely convenient for ads, and it frequently being preferred.
If you have a previously manufactured bag model, you can share its design with us, and you can carry on with the same print. If you don’t have any bag design, our company's specialists will assist you on this subject.
Robustness in Soft Loop Handle Bags
Regarding the bag products, numerous companies or agencies are providing service in our country. But there are hundreds of company owners who are continuously changing their bag producers. The most frequently encountered problems in amateur implementations is the use of insufficient and poor quality raw material, and having nondurable, easily damaging, rupturing and tearing bags. SDF packaging["SDF ambalaj” doğru isim mi?], which is producing the soft loop handle bags at its own manufacturing plant, is producing bags of highest robustness and superior quality.

Soft Loop Handle Bags - Bil Plastik Ambalaj ve Plastik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
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