It has determined the following as its quality policy.

  • Being a reliable company which is looked for with a conception fully meeting the requirements and expectations of the customer in all the processes,
  • Closely following-up and implementing the technological developments in order to decrease the costs and increase the profitability,
  • Within the frame of quality systems, continuously increasing the quality level by attaching importance to team work for all the employees to become more competent individuals who are able to use their abilities at highest level,
  • Establishing the consciousness of quality in all the employees,
  • Having a cooperation based on trust with the suppliers,
  • Carrying to abroad our current technical, administrative and financial experience in order to serve the purpose of advertising more the name of our company and of Turkey in the world,
  • Preventing future inconveniences by generating most suitable, most correct and most economic solutions in the fastest manner,
  • Fully finalizing the started projects in a timely manner, in full conformity with their projects by the highest level of techniques, at requested quality and budget limits,
  • Being a model corporation respectful to its society and environment, and contributing to country’s economy by continuously improving its business volume.
Chairman of Board of Directors
  • By our management and educated modern personnel, having the conscious of following-up the technological innovations in manufacture sector concurrently with the world, we always meet our customers' current and future requirements by implementing the quality management terms and by adopting the philosophy of continuous improvement.
  • We provide current and permanent technical solutions for the problems of our customers, and review our objectives for 4 times a year in order to ensure their maximum satisfaction.
  • Quality is not a means of competition, but a life style for us.
  • Our main philosophy is not being the strong company of today, but also being the strong company of the future.